97-100 A+
93-96 A
90-92 A-
87-89 B+
83-86 B
80-82 B-
77-79 C+
73-76 C
70-72 C-
67-69 D+
63-66 D
60-62 D-
59 and below F

INC = Incomplete. The “INC” grade may be used temporarily for secondary students who have been lawfully absent from school and have not had an opportunity to make up missed work prior to the end of a marking period.

W = Withdrawn. A “W” will be issued when a student is withdrawn from a course (Semester or Full Year) prior to completion of the course.

L = Late Enrollment. An “L” will be issued when students enroll in a course near the end of a marking period, without available equivalent grades from a prior school to inform the calculation of the marking period grade.

PASS = Pass. A “PASS” will be issued when:

    1. credit is awarded through credit by exam;
    2. credit is awarded for coursework from non-accredited schools;
    3. credit is awarded for home school instruction prior to enrollment in City Schools; or may also be used for English Language learners (ELs) in the beginning stages of English language acquisition (WIDA levels 1-1.7, verified in the online student information system) when English proficiency limits accuracy of earned letter grade.